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Ten things I am Grateful for

    1. The project I'm launching with my girlfriend

    2. Hosting people through Couchsurfing

    I've only hosted twice so far and it hasn't been anything extraordinary, but still, it feels nice to be hospitable, help people out and give back to the CS community (I couchsurfed a lot, but only hosted three times back in 2018).

    3. The café I just discovered

    4. The unexpected deposit I just got back

    I paid a deposit for a sublet in Lisbon back in July and didn't expect to get it back. It somehow appeared in my bank account today.

    5. Mixing coffee and decaf

    Thanks, @braincoach, I started doing it!

    6. My best friend trip sitting me this past weekend

    7. Calling two of my friends consecutively yesterday morning

    I had some time to kill while the internet was being set up in my apartment, and it felt good to finally catch up.

    8. Watching The Americans with my girlfriend

    It's been nice to relax by watching a great show together. It's a re-watch for me. It's extra fun because she speaks Russian.

    This show has the best series finale I've ever seen.

    9. Leaving because I didn't enjoy the people's company

    I joined two people I barely knew at a bar, and there was a third person whom I quickly came to dislike. The mixture of my boredom and my fairly strong dislike for that person made me leave after I finished my beer. It feels great to just leave a social situation you're not enjoying. It's a waste of time and energy otherwise. Life is short. No offense to those people.

    I also left a theater performance recently.

    10. More work opportunities

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