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Ten Things I Want to Spend My Money On

I plead guilty.

I have been living above my means this year. Not just above my means: way above my means.

Like picking up the 250 euro tab in a restaurant for me and my friends. And picking up a waitress's phone number. But that's a different story.

Then coming back to the same restaurant two weeks later with my friends, my mom and her husband and paying the 350 euro bill for everyone.

Now, i will admit, those experiences were special. I don't regret them. A lot happened.

However, i have now arrived at the stage where i want to live within my means - and only spend money on things that truly make me happy. So here we go.


    1. ICE Money (In Case of Emergency)

    I have been there. Needed to take the train to work. Lost my travel card. Bank card maxed out on debt. Total chaos. To make matters worse, I was on a video call for work at the same time. Needless to say, I don't ever want to go through this again.

    2. Substack

    I like Substack. It's a throwback to the early blogging days of the internet. And to support my favorite writers on Substack with a subscription is awesome.

    3. Modern Jazz Albums on Bandcamp

    Apart from overspending, i have also listened to a lot of modern jazz this year. And no place better to support artists than Bandcamp! Besides, you can also order vinyl. It goes a bit against my nomadic tendency to not accumulate too much, but I'm tempted...

    4. Charities I Know and Appreciate Deeply

    I am very picky with charities. I basically only support charities that I fully understand, have known for a long time and appreciate deeply. I feel that supporting charities reaffirms my core values and can bring me joy and peace.

    5. Meditation Retreats

    It's been quite a while since I've been to one! Better save up and go soon. I like to think of meditation retreats as "maintenaince work" for humans. Like you are operating in your life, but need some downtime to get rid of all the accumulated junk.

    6. Small Gifts for Loved Ones

    The best gifts in life are small, on point, tailored to the receiver, timely, given at a fortuitous time, with love, and without any attachment whatsoever.

    7. Fund for Life-Changing Trips

    There is travelling and there is travelling. I rarely travel without a strong purpose: wanting to see a loved one, visiting a place that means a lot to me, and so on. What better than a dedicated fund for life-changing trips!

    8. Books

    Not just any books of course! I am picky. But good books are worth it. Especially since you can give them away after reading them.

    9. Good, Healthy, Tasty Home-Cooked Food

    The title says it all! It's unneccessary to spend a lot on food. With some smart choices and a bit of skill you can make many excellent meals form supermarket items. Plus quality olive oil (they don't sell this at the supermarket), amazing coffee beans, fresh herbs.

    10. Self-Care

    Before you go out into the big world and spread your love to others, first love yourself.

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