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the 5 Powers of God (according to nondual Shaiva tantra)

Authentic Tantra is something that fascinates me, and there's so much great philosophy to be found. Special thanks to the book Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Wallis.

This list could also be called "the 5 Powers of God that exist within you."


    1. Power of Consciousness / Awareness

    The foundation of all reality. When you're aware of awareness, any change is not seen as good or bad, but simply an experience.

    2. Power of Bliss

    Deeper than happiness or pleasure. Bliss is loving reality regardless of circumstance.

    3. Power of Will / Creative Impulse

    This is the urge toward self-expression. It is intrinsic and wants to express itself for its own sake.

    4. Power of Knowing

    This is the patterning of Consciousness. My art teacher used to say, "You need to know the rules before you can break them." You can't express yourself via piano until you have knowledge about to play it.

    5. Power of Action

    This is the culmination of the movement from Consciousness to expression. It's the creative urge channeled through knowing and arising in action.

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