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Tips to create a great first podcast

I love this challenge.

What makes a good podcast for me?

    1. I'll learn something

    For me a sign of a good podcast is me pausing it to take down notes.

    If you're not learning then what's the point?

    2. Intresting questions

    I want questions that other people aren't asking. New question bread new knowledge. Maybe a silly question like 'what would you do if a zombie entered the room now?' 'you don't have time to think he's moving closer. ' could lead to a fun interaction as well as an insight on how they think under pressure.

    3. Pushback

    I don't want a debate, but I want pushback to find out peoples reasoning for some of the things they say..

    4. Fun

    You want some fun in a podcast. This can be done by the presenters being intresting people. Having great guests or by bringing something unique to the podcast.

    5. Intresting guests

    They don't need to be famous, but they do need to have a unique view on something. Explore the world through those eyes and you'll have a great podcast.

    6. Conversation >interview

    Having a natural talk beats having preset questions interview style. By all means have backup questions, but let the conversation flow naturally.

    7. Notepd podcast

    You could talk about your favourite lists /talk to the creator. That adds a unique take and would be a lot easier to start than trying to find celebs. You could make weekly challanges and talk to the winner.

    8. Book recommendations

    Ask your guest what books they recommend. Or anything really tv show, movie, game ect.

    I'm always looking for new books and if I enjoyed the podcast chances are I'd enjoy their recommendations.

    9. Great host

    If I can listen to the host talk on their own for the full podcast chances are I'll end up a huge fan. James Altucher, Tim Ferris, Seth Godin, Scott Adams, ect. I'm sure that took time for them to reach that level, keep practicing and I'm sure you'll get there.

    10. A political

    I like when hosts remain neutral to politics. If they talk to much about it, and I disagree I stop listening. If they never mention it I don't care and continue to listen. I don't mind opinions I don't like being lectured at about how wrong I am and I'm sure most listeners are the same.

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