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Tips to create a great first podcast

I'm not a podcast-er, so my suggestions are more experiments one can try. They come to my little experience in public talks. Give it a try.

    1. The general recipe: entertaining and teaching

    An Italian 19th century novelist and poet, Alessandro Manzoni, pointed out that entertaining and teaching should be the to ingredients of any novel. A podcast should do the same.

    2. Entertaining how to (part 1): find unordinary stories, rather then unordinary protagonists

    Each podcast could/should contain a story. The story should ve such that people can empathise with the "characters". I would avoid describing them with special skills, pointing out more on their weaknesses and their hopes.

    3. Entertaining how to (part 2): build recurring characters

    You can conduct the podcast by yourself or together woth other people. In any case, build a character for yourself (consistent with the true yourself, of course) and of other people around you. Whether they actually talk in the podcast or are some people you know and use as an example during your talks, characterise them with a strong feature. Whenever you talk of them, they will look as friends of you and of your audience too.

    4. Teaching (part 1). Involve the audience with experiences or experiments they can do themselves

    5. Teaching (part 2). Create follow up of each proposed topic

    In these you can involve your audience, maybe inviting one of them to talk about its experience. To do so, you should find other ways to keep in contact with them, like chats, news letters and so on

    6. Create also other types of contents, especially written contents or short videos. This will let more people.know anbout the podcast

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