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Mark Leeds


Tips to create a great first podcast

    1. Decide on a topic, not too specific, so you can justify any guest.

    2. Find a first guest who wants to promote something on your topic. Try LinkedIn.

    3. Test out Zoom with a family member or friend to make sure you can record a meeting.

    4. Make it audio only and turn off cameras to save recording space and bandwidth (unless you really want video)

    5. Don't obsess over expensive hardware at first, but make sure your device can record. If you want to use your phone, get the paid Zoom account that can record to the cloud.

    6. Prepare some topics and questions. You don't have to get to everything. It's just something to have in front of you.

    7. Set up a free Calendly account connected to your Zoom account, so you can have guests schedule podcasts.

    8. Find a podcast host that you are happy with and is not too expensive. Use YouTube if you want it to be free. You can use a show graphic for the video part.

    9. Let your guest talk. Don't interrupt too much. Let the guest do most of the work.

    10. Listen carefully. Ask your next question based on where the conversation is going, or use your prepared questions.

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