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To prepare for 2023, focus on the principles rather than ONE magic method.

During this time of year, you will read dozens of articles on how to create your goals for the coming year.

Everyone has a point of view (including me).

Everyone swears by their method (including me sometimes)

After having tested and read a lot, I retain 3 important principles. (which you can adapt as you wish)

    1. Align long and short-term.

    Set an aspiration without an end date, it often answers the question ( who do I want to become).

    Set a long-term goal. Some do it at 25 years, others at 5 years. Whatever your horizon, the important thing is to have one. (I like 10 years)

    Set a short-term goal. The year, the quarter. (I do both)

    Now make sure the quarterly goal advances your long-term vision.

    2. Create a tracking system.

    Review your goals, journal on them, ask active questions. The format is less important than doing it.

    Taking 5 minutes every morning, before the day's storm begins, is the best way to advance your goals.

    3. The fun is in the doing

    Don't always be impatient, don't constantly think about the next activity. Whatever you're aiming for, it won't change your life as much as you think. The fun is in the pursuit of the goal. So enjoy it.

    4. The more you complicate the process, the less likely you are to continue.

    So keep it simple and have fun.

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