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Ways I've wasted my money I regret a lot


    1. Vices

    lot of money wasted on booze, cigs for a short period and an excess of weed in my youth.

    2. ATM Withdrawals

    Them fees add up, got a bank now that covers them.

    3. Books i've never read.

    25% of my bookshelf is books ive never picked up. I'm improving at this bad habit thankfully it used to be like 50%.

    4. Online courses

    Definitely boughten a few online courses or mastermind type things and just never followed through.

    5. Streaming Subsrciptions

    I probably only need one active subscription a month, and just churn through one library at a time. Instead i have like 7 going at once for convenience.

    6. Making investments i cant afford

    I don't mean anything like throwing my savings into crypto and losing it. I just mean having to take money out of something because i thought i could afford to be without it for a year and i was wrong and not getting out of it what i should have.

    7. Groceries

    It'd add up to a lot the handful of things that go bad on me or i get lazy and dont use in time week to week.

    8. Eating Out

    kinda goes with the groceries one but a lot of times ill eat out when i know i have stuff i can make that will go bad soon but once you entertain the thought of not cooking theres really only one way that goes.

    9. Ubers

    I will uber/taxi aggressively when i'm out of town instead of even considering local transpo just cause its so bad where im from.

    10. Accommodations

    I dont look at it as a waste but i'll always go for a nicer room or lodging when traveling and truth is its sorta wasted because i'm not one to stay in my room or airbnb i like to explore so really i just need a place to crash but i like to splurge for accommodations anyways.

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