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Ways I've wasted my money I regret a lot

    1. Buying an overpriced item because it was on sale

    It may have been discounted, but that doesn't mean it was a good deal. I should have stuck to my budget instead of succumbing to a marketing tactic.

    2. Paying for a gym membership that I never used

    I thought I would be motivated to work out if I had to pay for it, but I ended up just wasting my money. I should have just worked out at home for free.

    3. Eating out every day for lunch

    It's so much cheaper and healthier to pack my own lunch. I wasted a lot of money and calories by buying lunch every day.

    4. Buying clothes that I never wore

    I impulsebought a lot of clothes that I thought I would love, but I never ended up wearing them. I should have only bought what I needed.

    5. Not investing my money

    I kept my money in my savings account instead of investing it. I could have made a lot more money if I had invested it, but I was too afraid of losing it.

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