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Ways I've wasted my money

I was broke for most of my twenties, so I didn't get to waste my money on tons of things, but I was of course broke partly because I was misallocating my money :)

    1. Getting drunk

    2. Eating out

    You gotta live life and eat out, but back when I lived in Paris, I didn't make a lot of money and it would have been good to save up and/or invest my money into something useful such as courses or a side hustle. 

    3. Coffee shops

    I used to go to coffee shops every day, justifying it by saying it was a good place to get work done. Considering the money I was earning, it was not smart at all :) 

    4. Groceries

    I was never smart about grocery shopping. 

    5. Expensive hostels

    While traveling cheaply, I ended up spending a lot on hostels that were way above my budget, especially in the US. 

    6. Flights that I didn't take

    Happened a couple of times recently. One was around 10€, I knew I might cancel it. The other one was because I ended up finding a cheaper way to get back home (I canceled Abu Dhabi - Santorini because flying from there to Brussels was quite expensive, and did Abu Dhabi - Sarajevo - Billund - Brussels instead). 

    7. Online courses and products I haven't used

    I can still use them though, so when I do, it might not be a waste. 

    8. DVDs as a teenager

    Well, my mom wasted money on it. I guess it made me happy though. Did it? 

    9. Subscriptions I forgot about

    10. Getting mugged by a drug dealer when I was tipsy

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