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Ways to Improve Voting Process

Voted today. Not sure if it matters, but I have started voting again for candidates I like.

Ways to Improve Voting Process

    1. No more campaigning in person or raising money

    Not sure if this is true, but it appears the 2020 presidential election cost $14b+ to decide between two 80 year old men. What a crock of nonsense. This money could be spent on your local economy or in other beneficial ways.

    With the internet, people can have town hall discussions, debates, etc all online. For free. Stop wasting our money when our candidates have proven they essentially make no difference once elected.

    2. A fact sheet at the ballot or online

    Something that clearly spells out GDP numbers when a certain party is in power. Employment numbers. Tax breaks and who they are given to. Stock market returns. No spin.

    If abortion is on the ballot - facts about that topic.

    Marijuana - facts.

    Roads and bridges funding - Spell it out.

    Every proposition I've seen on a ballot is not clear at all. Sometimes, they are written to trick people. Either it is clear, with facts, or it's off the ballot.

    3. Term Limits for Congress/Judges

    They can be long, like 10-20 years, but it's not a job for life, which it never was meant to be.

    4. Allow online voting

    Standardized tests are proctored online. I am sure we could do the same with voting. Or use some blockchain that shows who has voted. If there is fraud, someone can find out on the blockchain.

    5. If not, Hire Chik-Fil-A

    Their workers can run a drive through voting service.

    6. Eliminate Lobbying

    Make it illegal somehow.

    7. Voting history of candidates

    On the one-pager. For candidates who've held public office, I want to know their voting record. Without scouring the internet.

    8. Voting Holiday

    Nothing open. Even Chinese restaurants. Even if it's an online vote. You get to follow along the process. See what's going on.

    9. Age limits

    There is an age floor for presidential candidates, it's time for a ceiling. Maybe it could be a moving number - something like the median age of all Fortune 500 CEO's plus 8. That's the ceiling.

    10. Nationwide Adult-Age Rights

    So if you are old enough to vote, you can do everything, vote, go to war, smoke, drink, etc.... including rent-a-car with no restrictions!

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