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Ways Warren Buffet's 5/25 has changed my perspective (so far)

This post by @JamesAltucher is one of my biggest experiments of 2023.

You can view my full list here.

I'm a little over a month in, but here are some patterns I have been noticing.


    1. It's impossible to fully ignore the bottom 20

    Piano wasn't in my top 5, but it was close at #7.

    I moved into a new house with a piano. I can't not play it. But what I've done, instead of choosing to learn a new song and practice it for hours, I'll just sit down and play a few songs I already know. It's usually 15 minutes at the most, and it helps relax me and clear my mind.

    So I'm not ignoring piano, but I'm not practicing for hours a day like last year.

    2. It's painful (but liberating) to cut out certain interests

    I've been drumming since I was 11 years old. It's one of the few skills where I'm in the top 1%.

    But drumming isn't in my top 5. For me, drums is "fire energy". I play better when I tap into my inner anger, and truthfully, I'm not very angry these days. Life is good.

    So I decided to pack away my drum set. At least for this year. I felt a weight off my shoulders and felt I could really sink my teeth into skills that would be of better use to my life.

    3. It feels like the universe is testing me

    What's the first thing that happened when I packed away my drums?

    I get a call from a friend who wants a drummer for their band. This LITERALLY happened the same day.

    So what do I do? Do I commit to ignoring something that I love in lieu of growing something else?

    Thankfully, I allowed myself a backdoor. #4 on my list is "Creative Collaborations." So I can drum, but only if it's in collaboration with someone. Is this cheating? I don't know. We'll see how it goes.

    4. Wealth creation is a matter of perspective

    For me, wealth creation is about time more than money. If you give me 10 million dollars, but I have to do something soul-sucking for 12 hours a day, I'm not interested.

    But if I can make rent doing anything in my Top 5, I'll be saturating my life with love. I've been saturating my life with loves, and whether it leads to wealth in financial form remains to be seen.

    5. Certain habits sneak their way in

    Chess is a good example. Not in my Top 5, but something I love and something I can become obsessed with.

    When I took on the 5/25 challenge, I deleted the Chess.com app. This was painful, but it had to be done.

    But I still watched chess videos on YouTube for a few weeks afterward before I realized I was breaking the rules.

    So I blocked all the YouTube channels about Chess. Less distractions. I don't want to fall into its gravity.

    6. Commitment is difficult but powerful

    Commitment to a spouse is difficult because people change. Commitment to a project is difficult because I fall into a trap of self-doubt.

    If I got stuck doing a writing project, I'd often jump to another project like music. If I got stuck there, I might jump to something else.

    But there's something powerful about focused attention. About holding my energy on one particular task despite its difficulties and obstacles. I'm getting better at this, but I do still jump between interests in my Top 5.

    7. I care less about people's judgments

    When I committed to my Top 5, in a subtle way, I committed to an identity.

    I don't like identity. I don't like labels. But they're always there. If you don't label yourself someone else will.

    Am I a yogi? I didn't want to answer "yes" because that word comes with so many connotations. But #1 on my list was "My Own Yoga". Yoga means union, and I remain in union with my energy and awareness, which is my true self.

    So fuck it, I'm a yogi.

    8. Putting Tantrik Sex in the Top 5 was a good move

    I don't know how reality works. I don't know if our thoughts affect the 'quantum field'. I don't know if the law of attraction is a real thing. But sometimes, circumstances arise that are so improbable that they feel like magic.

    Tantrik sex is about more than physical sex. It's about making love to life itself. There's no rush. It can be savored.

    This year I made it a point to savor life and make love to the universe.

    It feels like some magic has already happened, and I'm curious to see how it blossoms.

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