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What are 10 podcasts you would recommend to someone new in the podcast world to learn how to be 1% better?

Here are the podcasts that I love because I can feel myself becoming a better human while I listen. Many of these podcasts aren't intended to literally make you 1% better, but improvement is determined by the actor. This list is not in any particular order.

    1. All it takes is a goal

    Jon Acuff is so witty and creative. I love listening to his ideas even though I'm not a business owner. I try to incorporate many of his ideas from the podcast and books.

    2. The James Altucher Show

    A perfect creator podcast episode would be James and the aforementioned Jon Acuff just riffing on ideas that each of them has. It could last for hours and I wouldn't get tired of it.

    3. Marathon Training Academy

    Though I've been running for my health (physical and mental) for over 15 years, I still find enjoyment in the stories and interviews that Trevor and Angie share.

    4. The Rich Roll Podcast

    No top 10 list is complete without this one in it. And if the list was ranked, this one has to be Top 3; prove me wrong.

    5. Trail Runner Nation

    Don and Scott always entertain. They have a banter that can only be created through miles and miles of laughter and stories.

    6. Planet Money

    I like economics, though I'm not an economist. This podcast helps explain the world around us in ways I hadn't considered. And there's always the possibility that Micro-Face will make an appearance in an episode.

    7. The Indicator

    If you've got 10 minutes to spare, then this is the podcast to listen to. A ten-minute explainer on something that's going on in the world. You'll be just a bit smarter at the end.

    8. 99% Invisible

    Prior to listening to this podcast, I never considered experience and design as pre-requisite for success. Since listening to this podcast, that consideration is one of the first things I think of.

    9. The Tim Ferriss Show

    I don't listen to all the episodes since I have several long-form podcasts in my feed. But the perspective Tim offers always has the potential to change what I thought on a topic.

    10. Revisionist History

    If there's anyone who can make you open your mind to new possibilities and not limit your thought, it's Malcolm Gladwell. If you're not expanding your mind's capabilities, are you really improving?

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