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What are 10 podcasts you would recommend to someone new in the podcast world to learn how to be 1% better?

The common theme to all these will be they are podcasts that started by winging it and then became huge and are very open about their process and above all entertaining to listen to.

    1. Lewis Howes School Of Greatness

    2. Bertcast

    Comedian Bert Kreischer. Very funny podcast but the cool thing is he loves talking as he calls it "inside baseball" with other comics about their numbers and podcasts and how they create.

    3. The Tim Ferris Show

    4. John Lee Dumas

    I think you can learn a lot about discipline and output from john but also about how being too regimented can stifle creativity. His show is very planned out and regimented and because of that he's probably my least favorite on the list.

    5. James Altucher Show

    Crazy progression over the years from recording it in his closet to having a studio with producers and ever evolving guests.

    6. Doug Stanhope Podcast

    REally just a demonstration about how low-fi and relaxed you can be and still garner and audience but also pay attention to the details like good audio and editing.

    7. Spittin Chiclets

    How to take first hand experience in something and translate it into a podcast in this case the experience of a hockey locker room something every fan wants to be on the wall to see. Started on a couch in a living room and became the one of the biggest podcasts going. No one merchandises better.

    8. Tim Dillon Show

    Wanna be a one person operation, no one is better at podcasting and pontificating than Tim.

    9. Last Podcast On the Left

    Got a group of friends that love geeking out on the same stuff. Learn to talk about it on microphones and make that your career. These guys are that blueprint. In their case crazy history and conspiracies.

    10. Flagrant with Andrew Schulz

    this has gone through some iterations but its current one is youtube video longform podcast talkshow hybrid thing.

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