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What are the most inspirational things you find about Islam?

I've read a lot about Islam and the Koran. I'm curious what others find as the most compelling and intriguing and spiritual aspects of Islam?

    1. The idea of the Day of Judgment

    The idea that one day we will all be judged. And that God is not some distant force but a loving and merciful God who wants us to succeed.

    2. The idea that we are all equal in God's eyes

    Everyone, no matter what race, religion, gender is equal in the eyes of God.

    3. Charity

    It's part of every religion but I love how in Islam it's emphasized as a way to get closer to God.

    4. Muhammad was a normal guy who became a prophet and then he died (no messiah complex) and now Muslims have to figure out their own lives

    5. The 99 names of Allah

    Each one describes an aspect of Allah so you can learn more about Him by studying each name
    Like Al-Wadud (the Loving One)
    Or Al-Mujid (the Bestower)
    Or Al-Qadir (the Able One)
    Etc etc etc

    6. Fasting for Ramadan

    I love this idea because it shows how much control we have over our lives if we can simply decide not to eat for one month out of the year and feel better about ourselves as a result.

    7. No clergy or Pope telling people what to do or believe.

    It's up to each Muslim to study the Koran and make his/her own decisions about how to live life according to its teachings (there are many different sects within Islam but they all seem very respectful towards each other). This is also part of why there are so many terrorists who claim they are Muslim when they kill people since most terrorists don't know much about Islam beyond what their leader has told them.

    8. There's no heaven or hell until after you die but

    you can still improve your life on earth by trying to get closer to Allah through living your life according to the Koran's teachings
    So you can enjoy this earthly life while improving your chances for eternal happiness later on in death when you find out if you were right or wrong about the afterlife
    Love this idea
    It's like living life NOW instead of waiting for some vague afterlife later on down the road which may never happen anyway since nobody knows for sure what happens after we die

    so why not enjoy this life

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