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What are the most surreal places to visit?

Great challenge, thanks @paolo!

What are the most surreal places to visit?

    1. Iceland

    I did the West coast all the way up to the North Western tip which is the least densely populated area, and then went down to Vik in the south (black sand beaches). Knowing that I still have so much to explore in that country is so exciting. I'm guessing anywhere in Iceland is beautiful.

    I didn't go the Golden Circle (I think that's the name?), but no matter. Just go anywhere and pitch your tent! (assuming you go in the summer)

    2. Big Sur

    I remember the beautiful beaches decorated with big rocks as we were hitchhiking along the coast, and then pitching our tent near the beach and experiencing full quietness and pitch black surroundings.

    3. The Adirondack Train

    The train that travels between New York and Montreal. I remember being asleep most of the time (I had spent the night in a White Castle), and occasionally waking up to see beautiful mountains.

    4. Norway

    I went from Kristiansand (in the South, facing Denmark) to the countryside somewhere between Bergen and Oslo (I'll have to check the name) to pick plums for about ten days. I also got to travel to Bergen, and then to Oslo. Everything was magnificent.

    5. Oregon coast

    Similar to Big Sur, as I remember it. I only passed through briefly, but I remember being quite impressed. I also spent one night in Newport, which was nothing particularly impressive, but I liked the quiet town vibe with the local bar where I could easily talk to people, and then standing on the beach at night.

    6. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    I remember having one of those moments where I was laughing because of how nuts it felt. Part of it was just the fact of being in Russia, but part of it was definitely the beauty of it. After nine years, I was intending to visit Russia again (my girlfriend is from there), and the war struck just as I had received my "invitation letter" to apply for a visa.

    7. The Scottish Highlands

    Another wonderful region of the world for wildcamping.

    8. Cappadocia, Turkey

    Such an unusual type of architecture blending with nature. The typical touristic hot air balloon ride is worth it: from the sky, you get to experience this extraordinary scenery decorated with dozens of hot air balloons surrounding you.

    9. Jaffa, Israel

    I remember being quite impressed with this small, historic town right next to the modern city of Tel Aviv. Cute, beautiful, and incredibly pleasant to eat something by the water with good weather and friendly strangers surrounding you.

    10. Rome, Italy

    Now that I'm going to live in Italy for over half a year, I'm looking forward to visiting Rome again. I remember being mind-blown by the history felt through the architecture.

    11. Rivera Maya, Mexico

    There's something wonderful about being on a white sand beach looking at a cartoonishly blue sea and think "Oh, so it's not just on the pictures". You can be on a crowded beach in Cancun enjoying the waves, on a somewhat less impressive but still pleasant beach in Playa del Carmen, or a quiet and peaceful one in Puerto Morelos (where I would recommend you sleep for one night).

    @braincoach, do you agree? :)

    12. Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

    Not surreal in the sense that it was beautiful. Surreal in the sense that it felt, well, outside of reality. I made a list about it.

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