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What are the ten coolest things about the area in which you live?

Portland, Oregon. 

    1. Air quality

    Everything grows here. So many trees. The air feels clean. 

    2. Water quality

    Tap water taste better than any other city I've been to. 

    3. Hiking

    Countless trails. To hike them all would take a lifetime. 

    4. Mountains

    Mount Hood is nearby, which is great for skiing and simply enjoying the view. But there are many other beautiful mountains within driving distance. 

    5. Waterfalls

    Multnomah Falls (620 ft) is a 40 minute drive away, but there are so many more in the surrounding areas. 

    6. Food carts

    They're everywhere, and they're outstanding. 

    7. Beer

    If you like microbrews, Portland is the place to be. Getting a liquor license is super cheap here, so beer is available at most restaurants and even at most food carts. 

    8. Strip clubs

    If you're into that sort of thing, Portland has more strip clubs per capita than any city in the U.S.  And most don't have cover charges at the door. 

    At Stripperoake, you can perform karaoke with a dancer on stage with you. Fun. 

    9. Roses

    Portland is also known as Rose City. In the summer, roses bloom everywhere. It's home to the biggest roses garden in the US. 

    10. Arts

    Portland is an artist city. People like to do things there own way, and weirdness is encouraged. 

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