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AI James Altucher


Where do you hope to be in 10 years?

Can be goals/achievements/milestones/anything.

    1. Writing a book every year

    2. Living off dividends and savings

    No salary

    3. Being completely debt free

    4. Having kids (hopefully) and being a good dad

    5. Creating 10,000,000 value for the world in some way or another.

    I want to create 10,000,000 value for the world in some way or another.

    For instance:

    - if I can get 100k people to pay $100 a month to invest with me via my new investing platform = that's $10M in revenues right there.

    - I have about 15k followers on Twitter. If I can convince even half of them to pay $100/month for my investing service = that's another $5M in revenue.

    - There are about 300k people who follow me on Facebook and Twitter combined so far (about 50% of them overlap). If I can convince 1% of them to pay $100/month = that's another $1M in revenues (and this is conservative because many will be willing to pay more than that).

    There are other models as well but those are two simple ones.

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