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Where do you hope to be in 10 years?

The things I want to achieve are much different than I used to want!

    1. Healthy

    For my age, in very good shape. I've never been one who looks great in a bathing suit, even when in elite shape, but I'd like to be able to play any sport I want, have no aches/pains beyond the norm, and to be able to run away from the cops, if needed....Want to join a nice gym with a sauna.

    2. Enjoy where I live

    This hasn't happened in a while. Would like to enjoy my living situation. Really like the house I live in now, but don't love the city. Would also like the ability to live near family for a few months a year. 6 months, tops...

    3. Children in college or business owners

    Either works. I'm going to encourage them to not go right after HS is finished, but we'll see. Some people might be mature enough. I certainly was not...

    4. Financially Independent

    I'd like to know I can retire and live my current lifestyle when my children are around the age people are when they finish college. This is a moving target. I'm not sure I'll shut it down completely, but want the option to for my spouse and myself.

    5. Continued Growth in my relationship with my spouse

    Our relationship has gotten stronger over the years. We both enjoy learning new things and we don't really fight. Communication is important. Hope we continue on this path. Things can change, but I am hopeful.

    6. Strong relationship with children

    I joke with them that my job as a parent is to make them responsible enough to take care of themselves and to be good members of society. They are easy to care for right now. I'm proud of them. We are close, but I hope they feel like they can come to me for anything down the road. We'll see. Trying my best here.

    7. Strong relationships with friends

    Pretty good here. Especially bc all my close friends live far away. We still talk often and I see them 1-2x a year. Would like to spend at least a month a year near them.

    8. Create new relationships and closer friends where I live

    I can make friends fairly easily. But I haven't really allowed people into my life like my old, loyal friends. I guess you only have so much time and energy to devote to people. I don't like getting too close to people and don't always trust them to be fine with who I am as a person. I'm a little guarded and polite when I first meet people.

    9. Have new hobbies

    We'll see what that is. Maybe learn to play the guitar well enough to butcher my favorite songs?

    10. Be more involved in my local community

    But not too much that I feel like it's a chore to give my time.

    11. Control my time

    Freedom is always important. I always like autonomy, but some structure is healthy in my life and I don't do a great job creating that for myself, why it might be healthy for me to continue working much longer than I need to.

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