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Why sales is a great job and a potential career accelerator?

A proactive salesperson will learn and improve in communication, persuasion, psychology, one to one, one to many exchanges, speech, economy, organization, marketing, go to market, interview, empathy, etc.

It’s a non-ending game.

And this experience can bring you anywhere you want.

Adam Scott has popularized the idea of “Skills Stacking” in career growth.

The idea is to pile a few skills where you are good. The combination makes you unique in the market . And it’s easier to be good at a few things than to be the best in one skill.

So let’s take the example of Sales (large sales as described above) as a base and combine it with other functions or skills :

    1. Sales + written communication skills

    What are the experts in communication doing in a company? They help leaders to pass their message. They understand the audience and build/advise on the communication path.

    2. Sales + Finance

    It’s rare to find a financial leader with a good understanding of the business. When you do have one, you try to keep it.

    3. Sales + Services

    Operation & sales sometimes have two different mindsets. It’s like difficult for these two minds to understand each other. Combining the operations and sales skills helps you to push the business.

    4. Sales + Back office

    You help your back office team to understand the needs of the customers. I worked once with a back-office operator who had the perfect mix of challenging the customers, his sales colleagues, and the organization. I discovered that he started his career as a salesperson. You clearly feel the difference.

    5. Sales + marketing

    Having been in the field, it’s a huge advantage. You had your skin in the game. And you can match the customers’ needs with the unique selling point of your company.

    6. Sales + HR

    Understanding, communicating, and negotiating are critical competencies needed in the HR department….

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