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Your difference is your strength, don't hide it.

You do what everyone else does to get picked.

But it doesn't work?

Try this instead:

--Me: I read in your CV that you like music?
--Him: Yes, I'm listening to a lot of X..., do you know it?
--Me: No
--Him: starts to hum the tune...

It was during a recruitment interview for a sales position more than 20 years ago.
I chose him because he seemed competent but also because he was different. He dared to sing in a recruitment interview.

You won't learn that in any method because it's all about being yourself. And when you are, you are different, and you stand out.

Corporate is very conventional. But by following conventions, you become like everyone else. This is frustrating for you and not interesting for your employer.

During a recruitment interview, a meeting with your team, or your boss, try this instead:

    1. Be you.

    50% will like it, and 50% will hate it. I wanted this salesman so much (the story above) that I tried to convince my colleagues to hire him. And if you're wondering 😉 . He did very well on our teams and is still going strong as a leader today.

    2. Be different.

    No one remembers the average person. On my last run, I met about ten people. I only remember one. A 6/7-year-old boy who gave me a big hello from afar and was explaining what he was doing in his garden today.

    3. Think about the content.

    Focus on the quality of your thinking, not on what others might think.

    4. Daring to be you is a unique asset, and we are all fortunate to be able to express it.

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