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Your Turn for School 2.0

H/T @roccodesta

    1. Before 5 or 6 yrs old, children need to be with their parents.

    And parents need to be with their kids. HeadStart, pre-school, Pre-K all detract from this.

    2. All grades would attend school year round.

    Maybe 6wk sessions with a week off.

    3. After 6th grade, students would have a year of life experience.

    All students would have to keep a daily journal, reviewed monthly by a guidance mentor. While there would be no "wrong" answers during this life year, mentored would be looking for productivity and growth.

    4. 7th-8th grade would be equally divided between traditional academic courses and more “practical” or hands on training.

    Home ec. Budgeting. Home repairs. Auto repairs. Etc.

    5. 9th-10th grade would be more student directed

    Maybe more college prep. Maybe more career focused. Maybe a full blend.

    6. 11th grade would be a mandatory year abroad.

    This year would mostly be focused on linguistic and cultural immersion.

    7. Your senior year would be a capstone year.

    The student would be responsible for continuing (or finishing) any courses taken during there high school years PLUS a comprehensive thesis of their individual curriculum of the last 4 yrs. At this point they've completed their high school education but to Graduate they have one more thing to do.

    8. A year of public service.

    Maybe student teaching. Maybe military service. Maybe another stint internationally with the Peace Corps. Maybe working in public service in their own neighborhood.

    9. Swimming would be mandatory

    Our planet is a water planet. Everyone should be able to swim and be comfortable in the water.

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