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10 Everyday Routines You Can Replace With Idea Lists (And Save Yourself An Hour Or More A Day)

I'm looking at my daily routine checklist right now. And what I'm noticing is that the number of things I need to do everyday keeps going up. It's probably the same for you too.

Then I thought to myself:

"Hmm... we could probably save a lot of time if... we could just combine some of our routines into a single task!"

Specifically, combining a routine we're already doing with "idea list writing" so we can kill two birds with one stone! (since we're writing idea lists everyday anyway... and it's easy and fun...)

For example:

    1. Journaling

    Ok. This is a hot one.

    I have a lot of friends who do this everyday. Because it helps them think. And it makes you more creative and you'll start writing stuff and ideas you never thought of.

    Some people journal about what they did that day.

    Others do it to generate new ideas.

    But instead of having journaling as a separate routine... just create an idea list about 10 things you did that day and treat that as your daily journal... or create an idea list and use that to generate ideas.

    2. Mindfulness

    Just write an idea list about "10 Things That I'm Feeling Right Now".

    Or "10 Things That Are Happening Around Me That I'm Not Aware Of".

    Or something along those lines... instead of sitting in a dark corner being mindful...

    3. Writing

    If you write everyday, this needs no explanation.

    Just write stuff using idea lists as a writing structure and do it everyday. I've found that writing idea lists makes writing a lot easier and fun by the way. I normally hate writing. Even though some people have told me I have some talent in the area. But I somewhat enjoy writing these lists.

    4. Gratefulness

    A lot of people have a daily gratefulness practice, where they remind themselves of things they're grateful for.

    Replace that with writing an idea list of "10 Things I'm Grateful For Today" everyday.

    And if that bores you, you can just mix it up... like... "10 Things I'm Grateful For About My Wife" or... "10 Things I'm Grateful For About My Dog" or even... "10 Things I'm Grateful For About Myself" like this:


    5. Positive Affirmations

    Instead of writing out your affirmations on a piece of paper, just write them out in "Idea List" format... like "10 Things I Believe I Will Accomplish" and keep writing out the same idea list everyday, again and again.


    1. "I, Mysteries, will be voted "The Sexiest Man Alive"."

    2. "I, Mysteries, will be the first to discover alien life on earth."

    3. "I, Mysteries, will suddenly develop the ability to travel through time."


    6. Content Marketing

    Instead of writing out random articles to promote your products everyday, just write out creative "Idea Lists" that build desire for your products or services in the hearts of your ideal prospects and post them all over the web.

    7. Motivation

    If you're the type of person who needs a "pep talk" every morning, just write a self-motivating idea list everyday and use it to give yourself a daily boost. For example:

    "10 Reasons Why I Believe I Can Do This"


    "10 Reasons Why Today's Gonna Rock!"

    8. Spending More Time With Family And Friends

    Sit around a table and start several idea lists together. Who says all the ideas have to come from you?

    9. Napping

    Sit at your desk and keep writing idea, after idea, after idea... until...

    ... your brain gets so tired out you just fall asleep at your desk.

    10. Relaxation

    Just create an idea list about 10 things you're worried or stressed out about. And after you've looked at it a while, just delete the list.

    Writing out your negative thoughts can help give you a mental release...

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