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10 Types of NotePD Lists

I have gotten a lot out of the list-writing habit. I knew about it (from James A) for years, but I did not commit to (or even start!) doing it until 2023 using this app.

There are many benefits from thinking deeply about a topic for a few minutes a day and putting the thoughts into writing. 10 seems to be a perfect number: after about six you have to stretch and develop your "idea muscle."

10 Types of NotePD Lists

    1. Planning

    This can range from "10 things to do this weekend" to "10 steps to complete XYZ project." Most of the time these are private lists for me (thanks for this feature!)

    2. Tips

    10 ways to cook something, 10 uses for aluminum foil, etc.

    3. Advice

    10 things to tell a teenager, 10 ways to be better at a customer service job, 10 ways to reduce depression

    4. Recommendation lists: Books to read, things to see in a town

    5. Travel Blogs/VLogs

    @nicolafisher does a great job with these!

    also @randomroger

    6. Business Ideation

    10 elements of an ideal retirement community, 10 side hustles I could start, 10 ways to market a lawn care business for less than $100 a month

    7. Health and Fitness

    Like this one from @lovingkindnesscomedy

    8. What Ifs

    Both creating the lists and answering them. This is a great one from @younes

    9. Summaries/ 10 things I learned from XYZ

    I use this for books

    10. Silly/fun

    10 rude greeting cards, 10 gross toppings for ice cream, 10 things not to do on the bus. These are great to blow off a little steam and cause some smiles.

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