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7 tips for staying motivated while running a home-based business"

I stumbled into online business two years ago - during the Covid lockdown. Tried Dropshipping and the likes.

My attention has been a little bit divided due to rounding up my "long" studies and trying to break through the online space.

Talking about skin in the game - I got experience only in running an Ecommerce and Blogging.

Currently stepping foot in various other fields in the space like Coaching and Affiliate marketing which are still new to me.

I hope to reread this 3-5 years to come and laugh at how much lessons I learned and grown.

    1. Be consistent

    Stop treating your business like a hobby you work on when you feel like it.

    The more you work your business like a job, the less you'll have to work in it eventually.

    Focus on Discipline over motivation in all your actions.

    Growth, scaling and progress can depend on how much you believe (conviction) and consistency.

    2. Take risks

    Taking risks doesn’t mean you will be successful every time. But if you don't take risks you won’t have the chance of succeeding.

    Funny story - my laptop got missing earlier this year from a careless move I made along with several important documents. I could replace it at that moment right away, but I also had and still have this secret urge one day to take a break from all online pursuits – “disappear with the bag” like the Twitter gurus would say. This was exactly the moment i decided to restart writing online.

    Glad I took the risk to start again. If you feel something right – commit to it with the actions you take, decisions you make and people you surround yourself with.

    Even if taking risks sometimes leads to failure it can help you grow as a person.

    3. Invest in yourself

    I don’t know any successful person that does believe in investing in theirselves through the right resources such as books, courses and coaches.

    90% of the time, you either paying with your time or with your money. Combining both can be where the magic is.

    So choose intelligently and avoid playing pennywise, pound foolish. From what I've seen you spend your money either way - so why not invest in yourself.

    Invest time, money & energy in learning from the right experts/mentors and then focus on implementation.

    4. Learn marketing

    Aim to creating a unique brand identity and marketing your business effectively.

    One of my first mentors used to say “don’t get attached to any product.”

    I had a site and products for over 6 months at first. It was a hot product that I myself was buying online and I knew the product had much potential but no perfect estimation.

    I decided to invest some time to learn ads such as Facebook ads, Google ads and Copywriting. I didn’t know which exactly would be perfect for my product. But luckily for me – the ad I was seeing the most for that product was always on Google.

    I’ve been running Google ads for over 2 years now – nonstop, wrote all the Copy myself and it’s been my primary side hustle and income.

    5. Stop Hustling Backwards - Keep active and Eat Healthy

    Hustling without caring about your health is hustling backwards.

    Whether it's going for daily walks or going to the gym, staying fit and healthy must be a priority.

    If not it will reflect on your mental fitness and further into your business. ⁣

    6. Learn from others but stop comparing yourself to others

    The right association can open your eyes to the biggest opportunities you had never dreamt of. E.g. when I talk business with a brother of mine, we unveil exploits each of us could hardly do alone – that’s the power of iron sharpening iron.

    Commit daily to taking action and learning from others.

    But quit comparing your situation to other people you see online, you could be on stage 1 of your journey and they could be on stage 6, everyone's on their own mission.

    7. Don’t let Failure or rejection weigh you down

    Most times when I try organic marketing through Facebook DMs, I quit for the next one week or so due to rejection. But I know a friend online who has made over $1M together with his team through the same DMs, Group and Coaching online.

    The difference is in the Offer, Conviction and also going past rejection.

    Failure is nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy. It may be easy for you or may take a while to do this.

    But use them as fuel & crucial experience to move forward in a better direction rather than losing momentum.

    "You're not obligated to win. You're obligated to keep trying. To the best you can do every day." -Jason Mraz

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