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How could I improve my morning.

    1. Start with the Mantra today's going to be a great day

    set off with a positive statement block out the trepidation of stating the day

    2. Drink a glass of water within two minutes

    re-hydrate and slake the morning thirst

    3. Do not look at my phone until I leave for work

    This is such a distraction

    4. Waik the dog for at least 30 minutes

    try to get into an open space see the horizon

    5. Always follow up the Dog Walk with stretching and exerciser

    keep moving motivation comes from momentum

    6. Do one act of kindness for a member of my family

    there is always something I can do every day

    7. Always have a shave take a shower and always finish the shower with cold full on

    Feel fresh to face the day

    8. Have a cup of Coffee

    Get a caffeine boost

    9. Read before I leave house

    Use the kindle App on my phone

    10. Before I leave the house always engage with a member of my family

    Do not leave like a thief in the night always say good bye even better leave with a hug or a laugh

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