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How could I improve my morning.

Morning could be the most important part of the day. How you will start the day will give you energy and mood to how the day will go. Protecting my morning could be the most important task for a successful day.

    1. Have a clear wind down routine for evening to relax and have a good sleep.

    2. Plan the next day from the evening.

    Have a direction for the day ahead when waking up and reduce frictions and uncertainty.

    3. What I do it for?

    A couple of minute review of my goals and challenges I will encounter during the day and have clear pictures of why do they matter to me.

    4. No coffee or any external stimulation two hours after wake up.

    Let the natural chemistry wake me up and avoid the atrophy of natural receptors with external replacement.

    5. Stretching, simple exercises.

    Make blood move. Wake up body.

    6. Journaling

    Dump down my thoughts and worries. CleMorning ar the mind from ruminations.

    7. No social networks and news

    Keep my mind clear and focused on my agenda.

    8. A bit time outside

    Walk the dog or walk to the studio to get fresh air and reconnect with the environment and rhythm around me.

    9. Focus and mind exercises before work.

    Put me into a deep focus state.

    10. 10 ideas list before start work.

    Wake up my brain and creativity.

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