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If I was prime minister

Liz has stepped down time for me to sweep in and solve the country's problems. 

    1. School

    I've already made lists in the past about this. The way we teach is outdated a restructure of the school system would benefit everyone. Why continue to teach memorization when we have the Internet with every bit of knowledge just a click away. Teach understanding as well as creativity, that's how you develop a better tomorrow. 

    Unhelpful things taught in school - 

    Studying tips - 

    Tefl School - 

    School 2.0 - 

    2. Mental health

    It's a big problem. Talking to someone seems to be the goto advice, but a lot more can be done. How much better would the country be if the people where happy /looking after their own health? 

    I've made a few comics to help with this. 

    The Rocco Effect -

    Daily advice -

    How to stop school shootings (or reduce terrisim in general) -

    3. Energy crisis

    Start production on Nuclear. We have tons of oil use that to get us through winter. Cut down our relience on other countries (surely transporting oil across the world is worse for the environment than just doing it here, right?

    How do we get through this winter? Old/vulnerable get free heating, rest of us man up and get through it. Or we can drop Russia sanctions and buy off them again. They get money for war and we get energy, win win. You don't want that? Stop complaining and get on with it then. 

    4. Trans Toilet Debate

    A lot of men believe trans women shouldn't be allowed in the woman's bathroom. I say trans women should agree with them and use the mens bathroom again. But, they should aim to creep out as many guys as possible. Dress slutty, stand extra close at urinals do their makeup, take selfies and chat about boys. Before long most men will be fighting for you to use the woman's bathroom again. 

    Dress well enough that the issue doesn't come up. Everyone wins. 

    5. Living wadge

    People don't want to work for less than a living wadge a focus on teaching entripunureal skills would solve this. If you want extra money do X. As you make more money you can teach others and become your own boss. Surely this is far more benifitial than encreasing wages along with everything else. 

    How to make £1 today -

    6. NHS

    Wait times are too long. People inside saying it's run badly. 

    Push healthier lifestyles. If you live like X we'll reduce your wait time. If you work out twice a week you can take a fast lane. Record workouts with an app. I don't know if this is a good idea but it's a start. 

    Management sucks? Have inside voting for management. Every year a vote is cast and the winner leads. People need to be held accountable, if not they'll get lazy and stop trying. 

    7. Hate Crime

    Abolish that. Crimes crime, just because you're a minority doesn't mean you have it worse. Installing this mindset just creates jealousy and more devision. We're need to install the mindset that we're all the same. 

    Hello. Police Scotland. I'd like to report a Hate Crime -

    8. Russia /Ukraine

    Work on finding a middle ground in order to end the war. Could we add to the pie to a point where everyones happy? It's about time we all start trying. 

    9. Graduation /employment

    Graduates should get a job by the end of their course. Could talks be done that allow companies to have graduates for a year at a subsidiesed pay? This allows degress to be worth something again and encourages further education.

    The question then is if they can't get a job already, why not? University costs a lot, if it's not leading to jobs things need to change. 

    10. New cities

    Could cities be redesigned or at least touched up to encrease well being? Led lights on the path makes night more enjoyable /safe. Artwork on sewage lids makes the place nicer. A focus on this could change everything. If people are happy far less work needs to be done. 

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