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Psychology classes

10 lessons that will help reduce the likelihood of a school shooter being created.

    1. Meditation

    Training focus and clearing your head will stop kids from over thinking, especially overthinking the worst. With trained focus and a clear mind other areas of their lives would also improve (schoolwork, happiness, relationships etc.).

    2. Journaling

    Sometimes you don't have someone to talk to. Journaling allows us to 'talk' to someone anytime. Writing down our thoughts, helps us to get them out of our head. It also helps us see them more clearly and disregard the idiotic ones, early on in their development. No-one ever need to read your journal, it's just for you.

    If started too late this may serve as a way to develop evil thoughts, hopefully the rest of my list helps prevent evil thoughts from occurring.

    3. Five good things

    Having kids write five good things that happened during the day, primes them to focus on the good, rather than the bad. This could be homework or a reflection exercise at the start /end of class. It's far more easy to see the bad, so priming early on and keeping up this practice will help reduce the growth of seeing the bad.

    4. Framing

    Frames are how we view the world. Look at the news. The same event can be seen through multiple frames (right wing frame vs left wing frame). Training kids to see in other frames and develop better frames, prevents them from developing 'The world is evil, lets destroy everything' frame.

    For examples of better frames check out my other list -

    5. Mind Reading

    We can't mind read, but we often try too. 'They did this because ...', 'They think ....', how do you know? You're mind reading. So, if we're pretending, does it not make sense to pretend and be happy, instead of pretending and being mad, sad and hating everything? Of course it does. Next time you mind read think 'They love me'. 'they think I'm awesome' 'They did that, because they wanted to make me happy' etc. How will your thoughts, feelings and actions change as a result of changing how you mind read?

    Try this today. Whenever you walk by a stranger just imagine they think something positive about you. Notice how quickly things change for the better.

    6. F! Off

    If you notice a bad thought entering your head tell it to F! off. Then replace it with the opposite good thought. Very simple exercise, but extremely effective. You don't need to listen to all your thoughts, if one isn't productive get rid of it and start focusing on something better.

    7. I'm awesome list

    Write a list of all the awesome things you have done. What where you like before each item on the list? What where you like after ? What did it take for you to grow? By focusing on the growth kids will see that, they do have the power to make a better life for themselves.

    8. Meaning

    Have kids write as many meanings/purposes that they have in life. eg. It's my purpose to protect my siblings, It's my purpose to study hard, so I can get a good job, It's my purpose to do well so my parents are happy etc. By giving them purposes they can focus on achieving them instead of destruction.

    9. Growth

    Focus on the growth you make each week/month. If your growing, things are getting better. If things are getting better, there's no need for destroying everything.

    I learned X, I scored 2 goals, I got a good grade etc.

    10. Give Thanks

    A focus on the good others have done. If you can see the good in others, you'll be less likely to see them all as evil monsters that need to be killed.
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