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Vegas Impressions

Some of these I knew about Vegas despite never having been there, but it's still different to know something academically on paper, and to see it with your own eyes.

    1. The Skyline is Weird

    Some sky-scrapers, though far fewer than the bigger metropolises. Lots of weird shapes like pyramids and spheres and Ferris wheels.

    2. It Looks A Lot Different at Night

    After initial impression #1, I found what I saw to be on the bland side. Of course, at night, it's non-stop neon in every colour of the rainbow.

    3. There Is No Sense of Time

    I got up early to exercise twice (only successfully once). Walking through the hotel space before 7AM was no different than after 10PM. People are dressed the same, participating in the same activities. In fact, the most glamorous/fancy dresses I saw were at 5:30AM when I was getting picked up to fly out again.

    4. Next Level Tourist Trap

    I got a little irritated at how far I had to walk through gift shops and casino floors to get to the elevators to my room, or from the elevators to the fitness centre. It's common in tourist traps to force people into gift shops and what not, but it really felt next level how long it took to get to the things I wanted without engaging in things I would rather avoid.

    5. Biggest Hotel I've Ever Been In

    My room number had 5 digits. There were at least 28 floors in the building.

    6. Restaurants

    I had 3 lovely dinners, but everyone told me the restaurants we were in were some kind of exception to over-commercialized, "Disney-fied" (I'm still not sure what that meant), restaurants which are the norm.

    7. The Loop Is A Joke

    Elon Musk's tunnel under the convention centre has no automation at all, and actually seems unsafe - there don't seem to be emergency routes of egress, and I'm pretty sure you couldn't get the car doors open if a car stopped in the tunnel.

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