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Have you noticed? One mistake often leads to another one. Next time this happens to you, try these options.

I remember this incredible story described by Joshua Waitzkin in his book “The Art of Learning.”

A woman is crossing a dangerous intersection. She makes a mistake and doesn’t see a bicycle that avoids her at the last moment. In a mixture of fear and anger, she yells at the bike and fails to see a cab coming full speed and running her down.

So the next time you make a blunder (it happens to all of us) with a client, a colleague, your boss, before you go on to the next one, try this:

    1. Breathe.

    We perform it all day long, but we often do it poorly. Take a long breath through your nose, hold the air, and release it slowly

    2. Silence is king.

    Give yourself 3 seconds to think instead of jumping to the first thing that comes to mind. In chess, it says, "if you have a good move, look for a better one."

    3. Move.

    Get up, suggest opening the window. Ask for a break and splash some water on your face.

    4. An email that upsets you.

    Prepare your response but don't send it. Read it again quietly in the evening. Is it still worth sending?

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