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100 streak special! - Rocco's Best Lists

I can't believe I've managed to write lists for 100 days in a row.

The start's hard, but after about 2 weeks it became habit.

Below are a few of my favourite lists, by me. I hope you enjoy.

    1. My Comics

    During the pandemic I started to turn my notes into comics. These comics are designed to help you live a happier life.


    Extra -

    1 - https://notepd.com/idea/more-comic-scripts-946eh

    2 - https://notepd.com/idea/comic-scripts-ssrxz

    3 - https://notepd.com/idea/10-bits-of-advice-that-will-change-someones-life-d5uv3

    4 - https://notepd.com/idea/new-comic-ideas-2zd0l

    5 - https://notepd.com/idea/10-better-frames-qstow

    2. Review Questions

    I watch a lot of great TV and films, but I struggle to describe why others should watch them. I made this list to make hitting the important points, when reviewing easier.


    3. Business

    I've wrote a few business lists, most of which say similar things, so I've combined them all in this idea.

    1 - https://notepd.com/idea/a-problem-to-solve-fxn37

    2 - https://notepd.com/idea/how-can-reuse-my-current-content-jkc6i

    3 - https://notepd.com/idea/business-ideas-gzmiw

    4 - https://notepd.com/idea/how-to-make-1-today-y7qxf

    5 - https://notepd.com/idea/business-notes-u9hll

    6 - https://notepd.com/idea/c-1756

    7 - https://notepd.com/idea/if-i-was-in-charge-tefl-school-943

    8 - https://notepd.com/idea/schools-20-474

    9 - https://notepd.com/idea/a-business-you-want-someone-else-to-create-438

    4. Underrated Movies/TV Shows

    Some of my favourite movies, most people haven't heard of. Maybe I should use my review list to help sell you on these movies.


    2 - https://notepd.com/idea/ten-best-exclusive-streaming-shows-jomve

    3 - https://notepd.com/idea/best-episode-of-my-favourite-tv-shows-hdahb

    3 - https://notepd.com/idea/top-10-favorite-stories-334

    5. Books

    I love to read and lean new things. I'e made a few lists based on books, what I enjoyed, my notes, ones to avoid and ones


    2 - https://notepd.com/idea/books-on-my-reading-list-aixe3

    3 - https://notepd.com/idea/lesser-known-books-everyone-should-read-fbn57

    4 - https://notepd.com/idea/what-are-3-books-you-were-excited-to-read-but-didnt-finish-and-how-could-the-author-have-held-your-attention-to-the-end-f4g8a

    5 - https://notepd.com/idea/10-lessons-from-10-books-mir6w

    6 - https://notepd.com/idea/influence-book-takeaways-1022

    7 - https://notepd.com/idea/solve-for-happy-823

    8 - https://notepd.com/idea/top-3-most-inspirational-books-you-have-read-526

    6. Travel Advice

    This is a list I will come back to every time I travel. I will probably add to this list in the future when I come across new problems on my travels.If you have any travel advice please share in the comments.


    Extra - https://notepd.com/idea/improve-travel-3ypaj

    7. Podcasts

    These podcasts have changed my life for the better. Whether it's a change in my thinking or a change in the habits I have formed. Highly recommend them all.


    8. Projects

    Similar to my 'what book should I read' lists. By writing out all my project ideas I can hone in on the one that I'd be able to tackle best, now.


    9. How To Prevent School Shootings

    I don't think it's a case of more/less guns. By that point you already have a killer on your hands. I am to prevent people from growing that mindset, if possible.


    10. Propaganda

    Really proud of this list.


    11. Easy! Chinese

    How to learn Chinese the Easy!vway.


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